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With thousands of templates available to choose from and 55, 000 plug-ins to build your website.

What is WordPress?


If you need a blog, standard business or ecommerce website, a Web Design Company will choose WordPress over the other CMS’s out there. It is an excellent platform for webdesigning. It powers 43% of the web — that means approximately 1 in 3 websites. The platform is considered incredibly user-friendly and easy to understand even if you have never used it and are building your own website for the first time.

WordPress is an open-source software and content management system (CMS)  powering small and enterprise websites, blogs, applications and more. The CMS can be extended with over 55,000 plug-ins to help build a website that is only limited by one’s imagination. Because WordPress is open source, website design pricing is considerably cheaper than coding a website.

Build an online store, business or blog, galleries, mailing lists, forums, analytics. Almost any type of information portal you can think of. It is recommended that you use a professional design team to make your vision come to life.

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Best Website Design South Africa

WordPress is extremely popular and the go-to content management system for our Web Design Company. There are really so many benefits to using a content management system or block editor like WordPress. Because its an open source product, any requirement that a business may have can be developed by a development team. It is advantageous for your business or blog because it can be easily found online being optimized for search by websites builders.

This is a critical advantage of the software because the point of a website is to showcase your product or services with the best website designs. The design must be eye-catching and provide all the information your potential customers need at the right time. It must have intuitive navigation and provide the best browsing experience to the visitor.

For a top-performing website you need a good website designer who is experienced using WordPress, and the best available plug-ins to suit your design requirements. We focus on these areas:

  • Search Engine Optimised WordPress Web Design
  • Mobile Friendliness or Responsiveness
  • User Friendliness or Usability (UI)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Eye Catching Design
  • Conversion Optimization

As experts we equip your website to perform at its best, attract more traffic and ultimately generate more leads for your business or blog. When it comes to website design pricing, comparing WordPress to standard coding your site from scratch, the best website designs will allows you to reap the benefits of an optimized site faster and at a fraction of the cost.

SEO Website design South Africa is focused on enhancing user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) which will minimise the bounce rate and in turn have a positive effect on your page ranking and conversions.

We are very proud of our design creations as we strive to blend creativity with functionality and search engine optimisation.  Let us show you how we build with WordPress. Visit “Our Designs” page!

How Does Your Web Design Company Rate?
Check Your Website Score with Seobility

We find many clients requesting SEO service after realising their site is getting  little or no traffic after a new build. It costs the client almost as much to have a site SEO’ed after the build – meaning paying double because it was not built right the first time.

Demand an SEO Audit From Your Designer with Seobility Online SEO Checker Tool

What is tested with Seobility?

To ensure  search engines understand what your website is about, you have to provide meta-information to help categorize your content.

The Seobility SEO Checker identifies errors and SEO issues in your meta-information, such as:

  • meta titles and descriptions that are too short or too long for the search result snippet
  • meta tags that prevent search engines from indexing your website
  • missing canonical links
  • inconsistent language declarations
  • problematic domain names or page URLs

High-quality content is one of the most important SEO success factors. To help search engines process your content and rank it for relevant keywords, you should avoid page quality issues such as:

  • too little text on one page
  • duplicate content
  • outdated website elements such as framesets
  • poor optimization for mobile devices
  • images without alt attributes
  • ads overlaying your content

Search engines prefer websites that are clearly structured and enable efficient crawling.

The SEO Checker identifies problems that make it difficult for search engines to analyze your website, including:

  • H1 headings that are too short or too long
  • wrong order of headings or empty heading tags
  • internal links with dynamic parameters
  • duplicate anchor texts of internal links
  • unfavourable amount of internal or external links

An error-free and high-performing technical setup makes it easy for search engines to crawl your website. It is a necessity for achieving top rankings.

The SEO Checker will scan your web page for server errors and other technical issues like:

  • wrongly configured redirect between www and non-www subdomains
  • problems with your HTTP header
  • long page response times
  • high number of CSS and JavaScript files
  • big HTML file size

Search engine optimization is not only about optimizing the website itself. For long-term SEO success, you also have to keep an eye on external factors influencing your search engine rankings.

With the SEO checker, you can easily identify weaknesses your website might have in the following areas:

  • Blacklists: Is your website listed on a blacklist that prevents it from being displayed in search results?
  • Backlinks: Backlinks signal to search engines that your website is recommended by other sites and offers valuable content. Does your website have enough links from multiple sources?
  • Social Media: Is your website shared on social media?

Your website should achieve a score of 80% or better!

Test your website for build quality and SEO Optimisation.

For more information about Seobilty and SEO, follow this link.